Princess Isabelle

DSC_3652It was grandma’s birthday recently and Isabelle insisted on picking the cake, which just so happened to come with its very own tiara.

Of course grandma got to feel regal for all of about five minutes when she was toppled from her throne and Iz seized the crown and she became the rightful heir, all very Game of Thrones, just with less nudity and violence.

To be fair Iz just liked the tiara, which apparently made the cake taste much better when you wore it, although I’m not so sure Sarah would concur with that.

It did take Iz….


a while to figure out…


just how to wear her crown though…


or should that be who should wear her crown?


I don’t think Missy was too fussed about the crown, she was far more interested in any cake fragments. She’d have an awfully long wait!


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