Captain my #CaptainIsabelle

IMG_6449My four year old daughter cried herself to sleep last night, she’s swapping schools next year but that isn’t what made her upset.

She loves her sport and activities and all year she has been hoping to have been picked as one of the captains during her PE lesson that session.

Yesterday was her final ever PE lesson at that school and I guess she hoped that she might, just might, finally get picked to be captain for that moment with it being her final opportunity.

That opportunity never came, and yes, she swallowed her pride and still ran as fast as her not so little legs could carry her, doing her best for her team.

She may have beaten many of her friends at the running (she is pretty quick) but last night she was beaten by her dejection at never making it to captain during her first year of PE lessons. Iz may exude confidence but she’s also a particularly sensitive soul.

So, if you are part of a team at any level, whether it be for football, netball, cricket or any other sport, help my daughter’s dream come true and help make this little girl from Essex your honorary captain.

Sure, it may not be the ice bucket challenge or may not be changing the lives of thousands of people, but it would make a difference to Isabelle, help put a smile back on her face and mean she is ‘captain’ of a team for a fleeting moment or two. Give her a sporting chance.

Simply take a picture of you and your team with a sign saying #CaptainIsabelle and share it mentioning #CaptainIsabelle in your tweet or Facebook post.

Grrreat Father’s Day

Never has a dish of Frosties tasted so good, as prepared by and served by Isabelle for my Fathers Day breakfast.

You could say that I was bowled over by the joy it brought Iz, who was really proud that she had made me breakfast this morning.

And of course I should be thankful that it wasn’t the jam roll with baked beans that greeted the dad in the Bluebird Kitchen advert.

Isabelle had made me a great card at school which featured a shirt and tie – even getting it right that even when I do manage t tie a tie it is often too short – which when you opened it revealed how much Iz loved me, the lovely touch being that the hands featured inside were paint prints of Iz’s actual hands. Sarah, I might do you a hand print one for your birthday.

IMG_2679I also got a Superdad card that she wrote in with huuuuuuge stonking great kisses and a lovely superhero sign.

She also bought me a couple of items from school on Friday, one a torch was most practical and Iz said that I could use it when I was reading her stories.

The other was a cookie medal for a number one dad.

IMG_2670That didn’t last until Father’s Day though as Iz wanted to eat it after school, still I er enjoyed her enjoyment of it though and at least she let me take a picture and have a little nibble just to get a sense of what it tasted like. By all accounts it was scrummy.

Just be the ball, be the ball, be the ball.
Just be the ball, be the ball, be the ball.

Thanks Iz, I had a lovely day playing you at crazy golf, I lost of course and I can assure you that you’ll grow to appreciate the Caddyshack jokes, I promise. We also had a lovely tapas at home and finally got to read you Room On The Broom before you went to sleep.

The day started with a jolly happy Father’s Day hug and ended with a love you daddy kiss, perfect.

All the fun of the fear

The Spook Express ghost train rollercoaster at Great Yarmouth’s Joy Land certainly filled Iz with a healthy amount of mild peril.

She loves the ride, having been on it numerous times before and even refers to it as the Scooby-Doo ride thanks to its nods to Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula et al. It would just seem that since Iz last dared to enter the ride they have souped it up a little, or should that be made it more evil?

That Changing Rooms style makeover including dangling things in the darkness – big this season – and tolling bells. It was the latter that caused Iz the most distress, the bells, the bells! Quasimodo?

Her ears are like a (vampire) bats and are particularly sensitive to be fair.

And finally, they’ve increased its speed, the Spook Express therefore giving a whole new spin to scream if you want to go faster.

I think it is fair to say that Iz enjoyed something with a little less ‘horsepower’ after that.

Supergirl takes flight…every night at my house

Is it a bird? Yes, Supergirl to be precise.

New footage has been released of the new TV series Supergirl, from the same makers as The Flash and Arrow, and it looks goofy fun in a The Devil Wears Prada/My Super Ex Girlfriend via Gossip Girl type-way with Melissa Benoist (Glee season 4 and 5) donning the cape or glasses (in Linda Danvers mode).

The footage, which went on for a good six minutes, certainly gave us a great insight into where she came from, the usual costume choices montage and some Supergirl action where she saves a plane, something of a Superman staple, but it was done well and had a few neat twists. It certainly is lighter in tone than Arrow and is probably more inkeeping with The Flash.

SupergirlSupergirl may well be flying onto a TV screen near you soon but I’m actually Supergirl’s Dad, sort of. Isabelle loved her Supergirl costume when she wore it and loved the running, the fake flying and the potential for superpowers.

Whenever I take her out of the bath I always have to wrap her in her towel to the strains of the original Superman theme and ‘fly’ her into the living room (less easy these days I must admit, she must have switched my powers like in Superman 2).

christopher-reeves-superman-main[1] DSC_0433And it’s hard to not talk of the Supergirl/Superman universe and not mention the late Christopher Reeve. Like Reeve the Super costume really brought Iz’s blue eyes out as she attended a superhero themed birthday party that saw the likes of Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man and a rival Supergirl (echoes of the Superman¬†3 junkyard brawl there) take to the bouncy castle with their super powers. Guess you could call her Supernewman or Newman of Steel?

red like the sun of Krypton green like kryptoniteThe Man from Krypton coincidences continued throughout the party. The floor was littered with balloons but the only one that Iz was remotely interested in was the singular red balloon, clearly it reminded her of the red sun of Krypton! Iz took more caution as she went for a drink, steering clear of the bright green drink that had more than a passing resemblance of kryptonite about it.

Iz even managed to pull off a couple of his stances, from the hands on the hips to his meaningful stare.

photoWe have a British Superman in the guise of Henry Cavill, so why not a British Supergirl? Iz could quite easily pull off teh mild-mannered Linda Danvers office-based role as well if they ever wanted to do Supergirl: The Early Years.

To paraphrase the marketing campaign for the original big screen Superman back in 1978, you’ll believe a a girl can fly!

Star Wars Day: A Newman Hope

Iz had her first glimpse of Star Wars today in the shape of the first fight between Jango Fett and Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones which was being shown as part of the Star Wars Marathon on Sky Movies.

“He can fly!” Iz exclaimed with a sense of wonder, as she saw Fett blast off with his jet pack.

She gasped as she saw Kenobi’s lightsaber crackle into life fighting off volley after volley of laser blaster.

dusterShe may have only stopped for that scene but she’ll be back for the rest of the series, hopefully just in time for The Force Awakens. They’ve been on a loop for much of the day on Sky and although we’ve been packing boxes and spring cleaning that didn’t stop us getting involved, I even had a purple feather duster er just like Mace Windu. Note C3P0 and R2 in the background.

photoPerhaps inspired by her travels to a galaxy far, far away Iz could be found drawing her own set of aliens that wouldn’t look out of place in the Cantina Bar, the force is strong with this one.

The boy of summer

alexIt’s only just turned May but thanks to Isabelle in our house it has just turned, er August, according to the official Isabelle calendar 2015 at least…and who would argue with that?

Iz’s favourite Funstar at Haven is Alex, who appears in her calendar pic with her for the month of August as he sang happy birthday to her last year live on stage, hence that picture having a very special place in Iz’s heart.

We will have to switch it back to May soon though as his eyes (and eyebrows) do tend to follow you round the room :-)


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