Supergirl takes flight…every night at my house

Is it a bird? Yes, Supergirl to be precise.

New footage has been released of the new TV series Supergirl, from the same makers as The Flash and Arrow, and it looks goofy fun in a The Devil Wears Prada/My Super Ex Girlfriend via Gossip Girl type-way with Melissa Benoist (Glee season 4 and 5) donning the cape or glasses (in Linda Danvers mode).

The footage, which went on for a good six minutes, certainly gave us a great insight into where she came from, the usual costume choices montage and some Supergirl action where she saves a plane, something of a Superman staple, but it was done well and had a few neat twists. It certainly is lighter in tone than Arrow and is probably more inkeeping with The Flash.

SupergirlSupergirl may well be flying onto a TV screen near you soon but I’m actually Supergirl’s Dad, sort of. Isabelle loved her Supergirl costume when she wore it and loved the running, the fake flying and the potential for superpowers.

Whenever I take her out of the bath I always have to wrap her in her towel to the strains of the original Superman theme and ‘fly’ her into the living room (less easy these days I must admit, she must have switched my powers like in Superman 2).

christopher-reeves-superman-main[1] DSC_0433And it’s hard to not talk of the Supergirl/Superman universe and not mention the late Christopher Reeve. Like Reeve the Super costume really brought Iz’s blue eyes out as she attended a superhero themed birthday party that saw the likes of Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man and a rival Supergirl (echoes of the Superman 3 junkyard brawl there) take to the bouncy castle with their super powers. Guess you could call her Supernewman or Newman of Steel?

red like the sun of Krypton green like kryptoniteThe Man from Krypton coincidences continued throughout the party. The floor was littered with balloons but the only one that Iz was remotely interested in was the singular red balloon, clearly it reminded her of the red sun of Krypton! Iz took more caution as she went for a drink, steering clear of the bright green drink that had more than a passing resemblance of kryptonite about it.

Iz even managed to pull off a couple of his stances, from the hands on the hips to his meaningful stare.

photoWe have a British Superman in the guise of Henry Cavill, so why not a British Supergirl? Iz could quite easily pull off teh mild-mannered Linda Danvers office-based role as well if they ever wanted to do Supergirl: The Early Years.

To paraphrase the marketing campaign for the original big screen Superman back in 1978, you’ll believe a a girl can fly!

Star Wars Day: A Newman Hope

Iz had her first glimpse of Star Wars today in the shape of the first fight between Jango Fett and Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones which was being shown as part of the Star Wars Marathon on Sky Movies.

“He can fly!” Iz exclaimed with a sense of wonder, as she saw Fett blast off with his jet pack.

She gasped as she saw Kenobi’s lightsaber crackle into life fighting off volley after volley of laser blaster.

dusterShe may have only stopped for that scene but she’ll be back for the rest of the series, hopefully just in time for The Force Awakens. They’ve been on a loop for much of the day on Sky and although we’ve been packing boxes and spring cleaning that didn’t stop us getting involved, I even had a purple feather duster er just like Mace Windu. Note C3P0 and R2 in the background.

photoPerhaps inspired by her travels to a galaxy far, far away Iz could be found drawing her own set of aliens that wouldn’t look out of place in the Cantina Bar, the force is strong with this one.

The boy of summer

alexIt’s only just turned May but thanks to Isabelle in our house it has just turned, er August, according to the official Isabelle calendar 2015 at least…and who would argue with that?

Iz’s favourite Funstar at Haven is Alex, who appears in her calendar pic with her for the month of August as he sang happy birthday to her last year live on stage, hence that picture having a very special place in Iz’s heart.

We will have to switch it back to May soon though as his eyes (and eyebrows) do tend to follow you round the room :-)

She’s so Izzy, her head is spinning

DSC_3782Joyland, on Great Yarmouth sea front, may look like something out of an old Scooby-Doo episode but that would only make Iz love it even more.

Looking a little past its best it is however the perfect introduction to rides for the little ones.

Iz was particularly pleased that she was now tall enough to hit the rides on her own, clearly she has shot up somewhat since our last visit in October.

photoAnd with her height came a new height in confidence, which was great to see, with Iz gleefully taking to the rides on her own and it was clear she relished every single moment of it.

She was just so willing, playful and cheeky in her photo poses, always delivering something genuinely laugh out loud funny, unexpected and typically Iz. She really is such a character.

DSC_3813That’s not to say that Iz didn’t want us to run the gauntlet of the rides with her though, I had the pleasure (if that’s the word) of the spinning barrel ride which essentially spins you round like you are in a washing machine and jolts you and spins you again. It all felt a little like that scene in the first The Hobbit film.

Check out Iz cam in all its shaky glory here.

DSC_3816We also went all The NeverEnding Story taking a ride on a giant snail, but Iz was really holding out for the vampire rollercoaster, “I’m not scared daddy”, she told me as we zipped round the corner on the mini-rollercoaster and into the pitch blackness.

photoWe had our photos taken on both rides and bought them, which was the real thrill for me, more than the rides, as so often it is me capturing the image and not being captured in the image.

That’s totally my fault I know, but then that makes the captured by the camera moments with Isabelle all the more special…

Egg-stremely tired

photoFirst day of the Easter hols and Iz is clearly something of a tweenager as she absolutely, positively will not move from the slumber of her bed, like she is being held their be a powerful magnet.

It’s the low growls and grunts, Isabelle’s fine when she is up coaxing her from the Sofia the First bedsheets  was something even a trained police negotiator would struggle with.

She’s more Isabelle the Last, to get up that is. (Obviously I’m just jealous)

The Colouring Purple

DSC_3685Purple, it’s one of Iz’s favourite colours and she loves her drawing and colouring, we even have a gallery of sorts in the kitchen – cue Tony Hart inspired music.

I often tried to get something on The Gallery section of Take Hart or Hart Beat when I was little, but to no avail. Both Sarah and I did Art & Design at GCSE level, with me continuing it to A-levels, so it perhaps wasn’t that much of a surprise that Iz had a penchant for paint and pens.

Isabelle is quite the expert at colouring in with her precision and not going over the lines, although that always reminds me of that old Rob Newman (no relation) sketch from Newman and Baddiel in Pieces. You know, the one the one where he says it doesn’t matter if you stay in the lines or not. View that sketch here.

Talking of colouring in I see there is a new (collect them fortnightly) colouring in magazine for adults, which is all meant to be very therapeutic.

DSC_3688And I’ve just bought Sarah a book of such adult colourings as she rather fancied giving it a go. Personally, I love the idea of the some of the colouring books for adults that you can get, which includes everything from album covers, scenes from horror films and er Benedict Cumberbatch.

I do remember my brother and I having The A-Team colouring book, but to be fair i was only about eight.

For me it was always felt tips for drawing, I loved my A3 flip pads I would get at Christmas, and my brother and I used to get an A4 pad each Christmas for our Nanna, each monikered with ‘Dean’s Pad’ and ‘Gavin’s Pad,’

I even recall selling some of my cartoon drawings – the likes of The Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny and Scooby-Doo – in the playground at junior school. Happily Iz is a fan of those very same shows I watched (as well as their more recent incarnations) so perhaps she’ll be Scooby-Doo-dling before long?


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