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Princess Isabelle

DSC_3652It was grandma’s birthday recently and Isabelle insisted on picking the cake, which just so happened to come with its very own tiara.

Of course grandma got to feel regal for all of about five minutes when she was toppled from her throne and Iz seized the crown and she became the rightful heir, all very Game of Thrones, just with less nudity and violence.

To be fair Iz just liked the tiara, which apparently made the cake taste much better when you wore it, although I’m not so sure Sarah would concur with that.

It did take Iz….


a while to figure out…


just how to wear her crown though…


or should that be who should wear her crown?


I don’t think Missy was too fussed about the crown, she was far more interested in any cake fragments. She’d have an awfully long wait!


The Amazing Spider-Dog

download (1)So, Spidey is getting a(nother) reboot and is crossing over into the Marvel universe with Captain America and Iron Man in Civil War.

That certainly gets the spider-sense tingling and it also looks like it’s goodnight Andrew Garfield. So who next?

Well Garfield may have played Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, but this time it could be less of a cat-namesake (tenuous lasagna loving cat reference) and more of a canine one vieing for the role, sort of.

You can forget Spider-Pig, bid farewell Krypto the superdog and utter goodbyes to Underdog (loved the poster though)…there is a new super mutt in town!

Turns out Missy has taken a liking to my Spider-Man dressing gown (alas it comes minus web slingers), so I guess if she’s Spider-Dog then her alter ego must be Peter Barker?

img_1608Not sure there is much need for a superhero dog that can sleep all day (she’s like a cat dog so perhaps she is more mutant superhero) and sense cheese being opened miles away though!

Like Superman she has her Achilles heel in the form of a bark button – touch a certain part of her back and watch her go – and chocolate. She once searched and destroyed two regular Lindt chocolate bunnies (they were only identifiable  from their remaining bells) which saw her turn the shade of the Green Goblin.

photoStill, she’ll always be a superdog to Isabelle, especially with Iz in her head essentially being Penny and Missy as Bolt,  from the film of the same name.

You can hear her now asking Missy to Bolt bark (back to that bark button again) or giving her the command to zoom zoom when she is on her scooter. But most of all, just like Penny and Bolt, they are best of friends and always have been.


Let sleeping dogs lie

IMG_1606Not if they are on my bed I’m ruddy not! Is perhaps Isabelle’s answer, she might not let them lay on their own but she’ll quite happily have a big old cuddle with them, next to them or nearly on top of them as Missy found out one morning earlier this week.

IMG_1604Again, donning another pair of sunglasses indoors, I blame Psy myself or ‘Style man’ as Isabelle refers to him, Iz was disturbing some of Missy’s early morning sun worship and just generally disturbing the dog.

The two are inseperable though and you won’t ever find Iz leaving the house or going to bed without giving Missy a smacker on the top of her head and a giant cuddle to depart with. It looks as if Iz might have even brought a spare pair of sunglasses for her to don, perhaps she was aiming for an MIB or Jake and Elwood vibe. I don’t know about The Blues Brothers but Missy looks more like a far from amused sister.


A shaggy dog story

IMG_1525Isabelle loves her Missy and she loves her books so it was only really going to be a matter of time before the two were flung together.

Here Iz can be seen in her bedroom reading Missy extracts from her latest book. I’m not so sure that Missy is that fussed to be honest about what the story is, she only really looks at the pictures anyway!

IMG_1520I believe Missy is something of a fan of fantasy novels, especially since her favourite sleeping companion is a Unicorn, perhaps that is what Missy had been growing on her head before she had her operation?

The Great Hatsby

IMG_1342Leonardo DiCaprio and co are hitting screens in the latest adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, sumptuously brought to life by Baz Luhrmann, the stylish Director of Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge.

Set in the 20’s it’s obviously big on style and fashion, channeling the surge of hats inspired by the remake of Gatsby, Isabelle (and friends) donned their own headgear…in a fashion all of their own.

IMG_1349With a startled dog, pink elephant in a dress and Isabelle’s fit of laughter it was certainly more The Great Muppet Caper than The Great Gatsby.

Yes, I did have to wear a hat, no I’m not adding the pics.

Loving Rossi’s Iz-cream

IMG_1431 IMG_1435 IMG_1439After building up an appetite going bonkers on the beach Iz was rewarded with her first Rossi’s ice-cream of the year. She made a meal of it alright, then a drink of it and then a dogs dinner of it, sharing it with Missy.

IMG_1409We hit the beach tag-team style as one of us had to stay with Missy (sorry Miss, so close yet so very far and all you wanted to do was join in with Iz) and the pushchair.

When the sun was out it was rather glorious, ruddy windy mind but rather nice all the same, until the sun shot behind a white cloud to catch its breath.

Not that Iz was arsed or that she paused for breath, she was all for going into the water but I managed to disuede her of sorts by saying that we didn’t have any towels with us. Far more logical to a 2.5 year old than saying the sea of Southend-on will be very fricking cold.

IMG_1395And of course where Isabelle went Anxious the elephant wasn’t far behind, when she wasn’t being dropped or left to rise in the pushchair. When Iz stormed the beach with her it was like she was saving her like a character from Baywatch.

I’m actually surprised that half the stone-filled beach isn’t here after being brought home in Iz’s pockets, she has brought bits of it back every other beach she has been on. She did do plenty of picking stones up though so she was obviously contemplating it.

IMG_1412Alas they weren’t the skimming kind, it’s a dad thing that has to be normally done with your son or daughter on the beach, it’s the law, but Iz and Sarah did go exploring, all of which filled Missy with increasingly paniced bark as they got further and further away.

They of course returned, posing here for a rather nice mother and daughter pic on the steps down to the beach.


The ice-cream girls

IMG_1270With the Bank Holiday sun we took to the back yard and transformed it from just being a drab yard into a multi-coloured haven for Isabelle with a new slide and see-saw.

Missy, still recuperating from her operation certainly enjoyed it, she always has been something of a sun goddess absorbing the rays of the sun so her white coat  glows like Marlon Brando’s outfit in Superman.

IMG_1276Taking a moment’s rest from sliding, cycling on her trike – looking like Jigsaw from Saw on holiday – and play sword fighting with me Iz cooled down with a Smarties ice-cream. Missy hung round like her shadow, a very patient shadow I might add, waiting for a taste of ice-cream, or orange smartie, and was rewarded with the end of the cone and the ice-cream that was left in it. It certainly didn’t have time to melt in the early afternoon heat.

Clearly, when it comes to cooling down from the sun only Smarties ice-cream have the answer!

I’ll be bark!


Looking somewhat like a battle-scarred Arnie in The Terminator, minus the glowing red eye, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Missy has been in the wars. I guess that would have made her the Teeth-800 rather than the T-800 then!

Fear not she hasn’t been a dog soldier, she’s merely had some lumps removed from her face that she kept on knocking.


I’ll admit that I was a little shocked to see her face post operation initially, there was a lot of blood apparently and she also had some of her face shaved.

Being a Russell she’s expert at pulling expressions like Puss in Boots from Shrek to get a response but this time I think she really is feeling more than a little sorry for herself.

Time and cuddles aplenty, she’ll be back!