cropped-img_6687.jpgTwas the afternoon before Christmas 2009 and two grown ups, as quiet as a mouse…a very excited mouse granted, discovered that they were expecting a baby.

This blog aims to chart the highs and lows of a first time dad, coping with impending fatherhood, getting used to the idea of losing his ‘office’ , gaining a beautiful, funny daughter and capturing all of those ‘kodak’ moments and ‘firsts’ from first steps to first day at nursery to her first holiday and all of those firsts that are yet to be through witty prose, plenty of pics and even some video.

There’ll also be the odd film and tv review as well, mostly from my time as an official blogger at Syfy.



One thought on “About”

  1. Nice idea Dean. The mind boggles at the child related film puns you will be publishing over the following 9 months. At least Sarah wasnt named Rosemary because we all know what she spawned in her New York apartment. It’s all Child’s Play really… but if it’s a boy, for the love of God, dont name him Chucky… or Damian!


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