The Cube

When I say The Cube I’m not referring to ‘Pip’ Schofield and his TV programme of ‘challenges’ I’m instead talking about Isabelle and the curious incident with the cube of cheese.

Iz loves her cheese, be it sliced, grated or indeed of the er string variety. Her fave picky tea is slices of cucumber, carrot sticks and some cubes of cheese. I’d left Iz munching and chomping on her aforementioned multi-coloured delight in the living room…I have to add at this point that Iz was naked at this time, why I’m not sure but she has of late had a tendency to pull her clothes off and swan around in the buff.

Any who I popped into the kitchen to sort some bits out and when I entered back into the living room Iz was munching on a carrot stick one end and she had a cube of cheese between her bum cheeks the other end!!

Like the Phillip Schofield show I had this echoey voice saying “in one foul swoop you must remove the piece of cheese from your daughter’s backside.”

Plucked from her bottom…just like the show in slow mo Matrix-style, the noggin of cheese swiftly ended up in the bin, even though fellow cheese monster (aka Missy) had shown a keen interest in the item recently evacuated from Isabelle’s bottom.

I didn’t even need to simplify it!

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