Derek and Five

IMG_1491Iz loves her Milkshake show on Channel 5 so we were very excited to hear that it was coming to sunny Southend! Along for the ride were Roary the Racing Car, Fifi and the Flowertots, Noddy, Bananas in Pyjamas and Little Princess.

For those not in the know Milkshake is the daily morning children’s show on 5 and features a host of (way too) bubbly presenters (for that time of the morning) between the programmes with birthdays, competitions, the odd dance, sing song and touching your toes with your nose!.

To my mind it’s the only dedicated children’s spot on terrestrial TV, sure back in the day we had Phillip in his broom cupboard and Tommy Boyd et al on CITV but no more so Milkshake is the last outpost of terrestrial kids TV and I think the programmes are great and I love that, just like we did, Iz gets to recognise and ‘know’ the small group of presenters.

And so the stage is quite literally set for Milkshake live!

The sky was grey as could be with the grey sky effortlessly mixing with the same inky grey of the sea so as you could not see the joins. We had a great view of this dullness from the windows of the Cliffs Pavilion theatre. It was a battleship of greyness punctuated by Isabelle’s green rain coat and bottle of orange, and soon to be destroyed by the colourful antics of the Channel 5 Milkshake show (altogether now m m m m m m m m m my milkshake!) that we were here to see.

Going to see such child friendly shows I’d forgotten the tactics involved in securing a free (or otherwise) car park space in a three mile radius of the theatre.

Some parents have invoked the same end of the world mentality as parking at supermarkets, that it has to be as close as they can no matter how poorly they have parked…as long as they are those vital inches closer. 

IMG_1504Isabelle’s favourite is Derek, he also directed and choreographed the show, and he was on stage and so was Jen who is even louder and bubblier than she is on TV, she hurt mine and Sarah’s ears she was at such a volume! Still, I think even we were both a little excited to see which two presenters it was going to be. 

And so one at a time the gang all appeared for a somewhat disjointed show of dance, song and comedy. It was ever so slightly more organised than say a Butlins or Havens show but Iz, and judging by the audience participation from the rest of the kids, all the little ones rather enjoyed it.

IMG_1494Iz was totally transfixed on the stage, I think it’s great she has seen all of her TV heroes (save for Scooby-Doo) in person or live on stage. We had Peppa and George at Peppa Pig World, saw Ben and Holly live on stage and then this plethora of animated and stop motion talent.

Jane Horrocks must have been collecting double bubble as she voiced both Fifi and the Little Princess (the latter practically Isabelle in animated form) although Peter Kay wasn’t doing voice duties on Big Chris from Roary, instead it sounded more like Jim Bowen.

IMG_1513A fish and chips tea rounded out the day…with a short power nap en route by Iz, and although it had been dull and horrible outside the Milkshake crew certainly brought a dash of colour (and a hefty large portion of noise) to the Cliffs Pavilion and brightened up the faces of all the kids there.


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