In the line of fire

Obviously I’ve hexed Anxious from my recent post, The Elephant New-man: Anxious, an elephant never to forget, as she took it in the face the other night when Isabelle was sick in her bed. Iz is fine, save for her getting sick in her eyes which stung rather as you can imagine, but it was Anxious who bore the brunt of the sick.

diamondsI’d like to think that she flung herself in front of Isabelle rather like a Secret Service agent does for the President. Looking rather like a mud-covered Blofeld in the pre-title sequence to Diamonds Are Forever I reintroduced Anxious back to the world washing her with the shower before taking her blue dress off, yes really, and placing both in the wash.

Oh, how I’d scoffed earlier that evening at a segment on Watchdog about a tumble dryer having a cuddly toy setting, now I was launching Anxious into the unknown, our washing machine on a delicate cycle. It clearly stated on Anxious’s label that she was surface wash only so – the incident taking place late at night – we wouldn’t know what state Anxious would be found in the washing machine the next morning.

IMG00169-20130523-0733Worst case scenario she’d no longer be pink or perhaps she’d have no head…I had this image of her being like BrundleFly at the end of the The Fly remake as I opened the washing machine door, but fear not she was just rather sopping wet after one long spell on the radiator she looked (and smelt) as good as new. Ironically it was only the label saying surface wash only that ran in the wash!

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