Multi-coloured Hog Shop – welcome to Peppa Pig World

The first inhabitant of Peppa Pig World that we ‘met’ was Grandpa Pig, who rather intrigued Isabelle who recognised him but wasn’t quite sure about him at the same time, especially as he kept talking to her!

The first thing that really hits you when you enter Peppa Pig World is the mass of vibrant colour that is like something from The Grinch or The Cat in the Hat films, a larger than life world of colour that has been vividly brought to life.

The second thing that hits you is the constantly piped Peppa Pig theme that seemingly floats through the air from every corner of this part of the park. And the third, which I thought was rather a neat touch, is the voice telling you about remaining safe on each ride, which just so happens to be the narrator of the show.

As Isabelle had developed quite a penchant for helicopters the first ride we all went on was Miss Rabbit’s Helicopters, which was fine whilst the ride was moving…but not so fine for Iz when it wasn’t. To be fair to her they did keep stopping and starting with it as people got into the other copters, which did mean we were left swinging in mid air as if we were trapped there.

When we were dormant, just swinging in the air it reminded me of that scene in Beverly Hills Cop 3 where Axel Foley has to swing from one basket to another on a ride to save some stuck kids…thankfully it didn’t come launching myself into such escapades accompanied by the Axel F theme.

When it did get going Iz did – sort of – get into the swing of things, even managing an odd weeee as it went round and round. Even though we had plenty of opportunity, due to the shaky and stuttering start to the ride we decided to give it a miss for the rest of the day.

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