Escape From Iz-catraz

It’s been a little over a week since we turned Isabelle’s cot into a bed but tonight, after a week of her coming back into the living room and our bedroom at all times and sleeping in all manner of positions, we turned it back. We thought that would give us something of a decent night…no such luck!

In a move that no doubt David Copperfield would have been proud of, Iz escaped from her sleep sack and vaulted the confines of her cot, not just once but a total of 45 times this evening. After the first couple of times we placed a giant Scooby Doo and bean bag on the floor to cushion her landing.

Sarah and I did it tag team style and split the carrying back to bed duties – for our own sanity more than anything else – but it all paid off and had a happy ending (at the time of writing), just like the three stories that were read to her throughout the evening. I’d like to say that Iz is asleep but I think of it more as being dormant like a volcano and could awaken without warning at any moment…as it transpires she did just do that at several times throughout the penning of this piece, I guess you could say she has kept shattering the piece.

This past week when we have gone into her, Iz has been somewhat obsessed with holding hands (as pictured) and just when you think she is asleep and you e-v-e-r s-o s-l-o-w-l-y remove your hand she just asks for “hand”. Rather cleverly Sarah managed to substitute hers for George Pig’s tonight.

(This blog entry was typed with little pads on my fingers so as not to wake Isabelle from her slumber)

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