To the trees!

iz7 Whilst up at my mum and dad’s over New Year we ventured to Sherwood Forest Pines, which was the first time for me. We went into the forest with my brother (no doubt there was a direct correlation with his visit and increased Bigfoot sightings), Shona, Lilley, Kai and Luke.

It was great, it practically felt like another part of the country and between the walks there were little huts made of wood, adventure playgrounds and various pieces of art. The latter were pretty sinister and looked like something from a Tim Burton film but reminded me more of the freaky scarecrows that fire darts in Live and Let Die. Just to be on the safe side I ran in a zig zag away from them.

This one had more a hint of Bernard Bresslaw from Krull about it though.

Even though there were loads of cars there it felt as if we were pretty much the only people there. Iz, and the other kids loved it. With all the areas for play and the forts and climbing areas made of wood I guess it was like Endor minus the Ewoks and speederbikes, although there were plenty of tracks for the mountain variety.

iz5Iz and the kids took time out from darting inbetween trees to pose in a kind of wooden thrown, which has sort of The Hunger Games meets The Lord of the Flies feel about it. Sorry kids.*

*No kids harmed any other kids in the visiting of this attraction.

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