There’s snow stopping Iz

iz3Isabelle loved being in the recent snow, in fact we even all travelled through it on foot to get to a birthday party…of course the great shots and footage of Iz on her sledge is lost forever on that nicked camera (I think that is why it has taken so long to pen these articles as they are still something of a struggle to write up).

I’ve kind of been willing it to snow just one more time ever since, just so that we can go our again and recreate those ‘Kodak moments’.

Luckily, Sarah also captured a few of those moments on her iPhone, including Iz ‘pushing’ a giant snowball…thankfully she wasn’t able to budge it as we wouldn’t have had room for it in our freezer.

iz1The next day Iz tackled snow of a more manageable¬†size at her Grandma and Granddads as she (with a little bit of help) helped create her very own snowman. I don’t think she has quite got a hold on the whole carrot for a nose thing…at least she is eating her veg!

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