Daddy Pig’s Car is the star at Peppa Pig World

Daddy Pig’s Car ride had to be Isabelle’s favourite attraction, not just from the sheer number of times she (and we) went on it – in both hard top and convertible versions (not that it mattered as we got equally soaked in which ever one we were in, roof or no roof).

To be honest although it was wet and we were a little bit damp in places it did have the advantage that we practically had the run of the place so Isabelle racing round to have another go meant that we didn’t have to queue for 35 minutes, in fact there was no queuing. A small price to pay for a bit of a wet bum.

Sarah and I nearly got sore bums on separate occasions as we both nearly fell out of our car doors as they weren’t closed properly, thankfully accidents were averted and we didn’t have to see Dr Brown Bear, if he was even on duty.

Prior to Peppa Pig World Isabelle was a bit wary of those car rides outside of supermarkets that rock back and forth but since Peppa Pig World she can’t get enough of the things.

Even at Peppa Pig World Isabelle made something of a prolonged bee line for a Bob the Builder ride that seemed to be on free goes so Iz happily rocked back and forth and soon found the start button. I’m sure she would have stayed there the remainder of the day if she could of.


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