Splish, splash, splosh at Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig is infamous for her love of muddy puddles, a section of the park even being devoted to it – which is about the only part we didn’t pay visit to as we saw a grown man get absolutely soaked through there (if only we had known about the giant dryers by that stage of course).

With Iz soon changing into her standard issue Peppa Pig wellies – no toddler should ever leave home without them – it was pretty much inevitable that at some point during the day that actual puddles (and there were a lot of them) of Peppa Pig World would get something of a pounding from my daughter. Loved it, what do you think?

It reminded me of that girl who wrote into Jim’ll Fix It and all she wanted to do was slam doors, lots of doors, and that’s exactly what they showed (me, I could never decide if I wanted to meet Roger Moore or Sean Connery). I don’t think one single puddle was left unsplashed.


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