Lady that lunches

During her time off work Sarah and Isabelle could often be found down the pub. Obviously I don’t mean sat down the pub Rover’s Return style with the baby car seat on the table, Isabelle ripping up Newton and Ridley beer mats and Sarah with a pint and a packet of pork scratchings in her hand.

What I mean to say is that Sarah’s mum and dad often took Sarah and Isabelle out (and outside it twas nice) for a bite to eat. We’ve not done it for a while so come a nice spell of whether we headed to The Bull Inn.

Its great sitting outside but you are always a little bit on alert to the surrounding tables and whether any people are going to sit there and smoke with acrid smoke wafting over into Iz’s little lungs and bright blue eyes. Thankfully this wasn’t so much of a problem.

Isabelle is also a right little miss nosey and likes to keep abreast of all comings and goings so outside was the perfect place for her, seeking protection in her rather fetching sun hat. Naturally she took turns in going round everyone at the table for the kisses and cuddles. Oh and clapping, that is the new big thing, the clapping and the waving. Thus far the clapping is still in the early stages of keeping one hand still and clapping with the other but its most definitely a clap and something that she really enjoys, especially when we join in as well.

As she is still learning it is still very much a slow clap, unless Isabelle is trying to tell me something and is trying to slow clap me off!

I’ve also just started whispering into her ear, which really seems to tickle her and really gets her giggling and screeching. Daddy being silly, yet again, but she loves it.







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