That title will take some explaining when Iz is older. Heroes in a half shell? Turtle power? You are silly Daddy.

It seemed mammoth, or should that be bovine, in size when we first bought it but now Isabelle is on her second car seat. It used to dwarf her but now it fits perfectly. And what a stunner of a seat it is, complete with horns and ears, she really loves it and gets oh so comfortable in it. Isabelle has always loved travelling in the car and it never seems long before she reaches the land of nod in such comfort.

Thankfully, this one lasts her until she is four, hopefully her love of cows will go the distance as well. There looks to be no danger of that not happening as she looks udderly taken with it, and quite frankly who wouldn’t be.

2 thoughts on “Cow-a-bum-ga!”

    1. Apols for the delay in getting back, for some reason all responses weren’t showing. I can’t remember the name but I know we got it from Halfords online and picked it up in store. Good luck!


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