Have I Got Noise For You

It’s a new day so it must mean a new noise from Isabelle who certainly seems to be building up quite a repertoire. Having finessed the raspberry blow, now with added protruding tongue, Isabelle has now moved onto a bizarre panting noise whenever she gets really excited – which pretty much constitutes Sarah or I walking out of the room and then back in it again (I’m sure such an act won’t forever be deemed as so enthralling by her).

Sarah’s mum did ponder if she had perhaps learnt it from Missy, cue visions of feral child raised by wolves, but it’s probably my fault as unwittingly I do something similar when I am changing her on her mat, which she just loves as she gets to get naked and nine times out of ten gets to pull on my hair, which amuses her no end. She certainly does have a mighty grip, watch out Missy!

Talking of noises, as I’m sat writing this at silly o’clock I can hear Isabelle gurgling away in her cot, it’s less gurgling and more one part R2D2 sounding dismayed and another part Isabelle having the most frightening dream ever.

Can’t be night terrors, she has nothing to be terrified about. I used to hate clowns and the inflatable glow in the dark Incredible Hulk punch bag that sat at the end of my bed and seemed to sway by its own accord – what were my mum and dad thinking – but she has had nothing to terrify her. She’s even made crying noises of sorts in her sleep which has again left us clueless – initially it’s horrible to hear as you wonder what on earth it could be and if she is okay but her beaming smile at 5am – 6am (times vary) indicate we are more bothered than she is.

They say when dogs are asleep and make those kinds of noises and thrashing their legs about they are chasing rabbits, I’m not quite sure what the baby equivalent of that might be, not chasing rabbits that is for sure.


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