Word Up!

The title may conjure up unfortunate memories of Cameo, who made MC Hammer look reserved, but what this entry is really about is famous phrases. You know more than you probably think, taking in everything from “My name’s Bond, James Bond” to “Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads”.

It’s pretty much the case that if you have a favourite film then you’ll probably have a favourite phrase or line from it. To the rolling eyes of Sarah (and most other people who have to watch it with me) I pretty much know every line from Jaws, purely through the sheer number of viewings over the years.

It’s almost the perfect film and has some wonderful moments of dialogue and is just oh so quotable, well now I’ve got a new favourite line of dialogue and for once it’s not from a film.

Isabelle was gurgling away as usual on Sunday 13th March as she sat on her mum’s knee when I went over to her on the sofa to ‘comically’ surprise her, as you do. Turns out she surprised me. I spoke to her; she turned round, looked at me and blurted “Ello Dad” before she went back to gurgling.

Never has life been in more need of a Sky + remote so we could just back up that scene by a few seconds to take in what we thought we had just heard. Had I just been there on my own I’d have questioned it moments after it occurred but Sarah ‘heard’ it as well. It was weird as it just came out from nowhere and the only way I can explain it is that it was like one of those moments in Most Haunted where they are playing back white noise from a tape recording and suddenly through all the static you hear a very distinct, audible, human sound, minus a hysterical Yvette Fielding.

It clearly had an effect on me as my legs all went a bit wibbly, wobbly as I went all a bit weak at the knees, with the odd tear forming as well. It was just like, bang, right out of nowhere.

Isabelle hasn’t said that or anything else that we can make out since.

People of Earth, I come in peace

So, did Isabelle really say “Ello Dad”, giving us our first inkling of what she might sound like? I think so, Sarah thinks so and so do my legs. To quote another famous phrase, I guess the truth is out there.

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