Isabelle makes a splash

A weekend of firsts then last week, first Isabelle spending her first night in her own bed and now her first foray into a swimming pool.

Hopes were high as right from her very first bath, which she promptly fell asleep in, Isabelle has always loved her baths and is something of a water baby it has to be said.

Obviously there is the whole it’s akin to being in the womb theory, although the womb has less lockers and vending machines one presumes. Thinking about it this was pretty much the first time I had hit a pool in 10 years or so, which I was pretty shocked about to be honest as I’d not really thought about it. I’d nearly fallen in a canal saving one of the dogs when they went overboard, who hasn’t, but I don’t think that really counts.

As we descended into the pool it was almost like watching that moment when Neil Armstrong first stepped out onto the surface of the moon as Isabelle made her first tentative ‘steps’ into the warm(ish) welcoming water of the pool in her new swimming costume, ably supported by her Finding Nemo Huggies Little Swimmers, tis the big thing this Spring apparently. Alas I could not find a James Bond one.

Although Isabelle was a little suspicious of the water that was getting higher and higher, I think that was probably more to do with all the commotion and splashing in the water, no not me drowning from my 10 year hiatus but everyone else in the pool. As expected she loved it and a giant pink rubber ring that she could sit in also came along for the ride, which we sat her in the wrong way first of all but once she could see and was happy with her little but long legs dangling she was more than content being spun back and forth between her mum and dad.

It might have all lasted not much longer than 30 minutes but Isabelle rather enjoyed her first jaunt into the deep, she wasn’t too keen on the getting dry and changing mind, I always thought hopping about and getting dry without having to re-dry your feet again or getting your socks bloomin wet was a toughie but it becomes even more of a challenge with a little un and yes I did remember to retrieve my 20p from the locker.

The excitement of all things new must have been too much for Isabelle as no sooner had we left the family changing cubicle, a great idea by the way, then she had drifted, like one of those polystyrene floats, into the land of nod.

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