Some Like It Cot

It may not be leaving home or her first day at school but it is one of those key moments in her five months of life…Isabelle’s first night in her cot.

Sure, Isabelle’s been having afternoon naps etc in there already but Saturday 5th February marked her first night on her own in her own room. Well, I say on her own, if you don’t count Peter Rabbit and friends sat in there with her to keep her company.

Isabelle’s taking it all in her stride, like she does most things to be honest, and it’s probably Sarah and I who are more the more worried about this first big adventure. Worried is probably too strong a word, we’ll still have the monitor in use, but more we’d kind of got used to her presence in her Moses basket (thanks again Martha and Kev) which she is now pretty much ready to burst out of. Such a statement seems amazing as when she first went in it you could have almost lost her in there, not so much now she is 15 lb 10 oz.

Sweet dreams Isabelle xxx

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