Raid-Iz of the Lost Superm-Ark-et

raidersShe may not have been wearing the brown leather jacket or the fedora but Iz certainly had a bullwhip cracking good time on a short jaunt to the supermarket.

She rode on the front of our trolley just like the intrepid Indiana Jones hanging on the front of the Mercedes truck in Raiders of the Lost Ark (minus the being thrown through the windscreen bit that saw him get there in the first place of course).

She was continuing a long-standing family tradition (sort of) as my brother and I had hung off one of the actual trucks at some war film vehicle display attraction when we were younger – and yes, I do have photos somewhere. Knowing me we probably ‘threw’ each other out of the window as well.

imagesCAXXRIKKBack to the supermarket trolley, I unfortunately just wasn’t quick enough to snap Iz produce her skipping rope and perform the Yakima Canutt Stagecoach-inspired stunt, where Iz climbs down the front of a moving trolley, slides to the back end of the moving trolley dragged along by her rope, and climbs onto the back of the trolley. Cue Raid-Iz March.

untitledAsking Iz whether she’d planned such an elaborate stunt all along, she shrugged her shoulders and said: “I’m making this up as I go along.”

Coming soon: Isabelle Newman and the Tesco of Doom?

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