Back to the old routine

Well, didn’t those two weeks go rather quickly? It doesn’t seem that I’ve been off five minutes and then I’m back at work.

Of course it was a doddle leaving Sarah and Izzy at home whilst I ventured out into the cool September morning air and didn’t really give the pair of them a second thought, which is why I checked my phone for missed calls at 0816, 0819 and 0824.

It felt the same returning to work yet at the same time changed utterly. Whereas before it seemed all about the work, even sometimes at home, it now took on the feeling that work was more pretend. Pretend isn’t the right word (don’t worry it’s still important Mr S) but it’s had to shuffle up on the sofa of life in the priority stakes. The free coffee in the machine also helped act as a buffer of sorts today.

It was great to catch up with Pat Higgins as well, lecturer come horror auteur, who is busy prepping the horror flick Strippers Vs Werewolves, as well as getting ready to welcome his very own first child into the world. We sat there segwaying from low budget horror films to ‘new dad’ talk and probably back to films again but it felt good and oh so natural to leap between topics.

Pat’s shooting his film, featuring former Emmerdale actress Adele Silva, in early 2011 and he wondered how he’d juggle the pressures of both his film and baby. I’d often thought about this and it turns out thus far I’ve been my most prolific in writing for both my blog and the one I pen for those fine folk at Syfy. Clearly having a baby is good for your creative juices.

I mentioned to Pat that I also think it’s about having less time but utilising that available time better, at both work and home, using each second of those eight minutes as that sterilizer whirs round and round in the microwave to read a chapter of a book or do the pots. Perfect for reading scripts in short sharp bursts I bet.

Nearly three weeks up and it’s still a fun, exciting ride of discovery and lots of staring at a very small person and lots and lots of perfumed nappy bags. Even now as I sit typing this I’ve got the baby monitor cranked up to 11 and pausing every so often when there is some static or a shuffle. Of course life as we know it has changed but it doesn’t mean that what has come before has stopped, it’s just finding new ways to fit it in.

It’s day two back at work in the morning and I’m sure that I’ll slip back into the old routine a little bit further. In fact I don’t think I’ll check my phone for messages until at least 0827. Tiny steps, you might say.

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