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Friends (New Ollerton remix)

Friends, they’ll be there for you, so went the theme tune to the hit sitcom um Friends…I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Title sequences are a bit of a forgotten art these days as you hardly get them anymore, which is a shame as they really help set the tone and feel of a programme and generally have a catchy tune to boot. Friends was such a case in point, featuring a montage of funny clips from previous shows edited in time to the music, such as the clapping on the actual song, which changed every series.

Having filmed loads of footage of friends when I was at 6th Form I decided to piece it all together and do an ‘extended title sequence’ of sorts for my time at 6th Form edited to the whole of “I’ll be there for you”, by The Rembrandts, which was of course used on the Friends titles throughout its duration.

As I used the whole song mine of course goes on longer than the actual TV show titles. I didn’t have a sofa like the actual TV titles so I ended up using a bench from Rufford Park, where I happened to find a fountain as well, both of which pay homage to elements of the original TV titles. I didn’t include an ugly naked guy though!