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The Eager Sanction

Isabelle has always had something of a glint in her eye, today she has something of a Clint in her eye, echoing Eastwood’s mountain climbing role in 70s thriller The Eiger Sanction.

photo (1)It was the first time she had wanted to ‘bring on the wall’  which she took to scaling with no bother at all at The Fun Factory.

She was like Fred Ward in Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous when he scales the scaffold-laden Statue of Liberty with the speed she made her ascent, next week she’ll be trying the whole running on water trick.

Although I don’t think she does too bad a Nicholas Hammond era Spider-Man impression either.

photo - Copy spider-man-672x372It’s all a far cry from when my and my brother were little and took a whole morning to ‘climb’ the stairs, complete with packed lunch, numerous slips for dramatic tension and the odd avalanche of our cuddly toys (big dog and donkey were so big they if they hit you right they’d sweep you to the bottom of the stairs aka certain death). Think Touching the Void with toys.

Perhaps Iz and I will spend an evening traversing our stairs one day after school, we’ll probably have mountain goat Missy along for the ride as well.