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Don’t stop her now, she’s having such a good time

As Isabelle races toward her third birthday (adopts best Professor Robert Winston sounding voice of authority) she is really beginning to explore and enjoy the world around her as she experiments with a whole host of new experiences.

She’s like The Bionic Woman meets Peter Duncan via seemingly the whole of Charlie’s Angels, although like all little girls she can be far from and angel and something of a little devil at times as well.

Nothing, but nothing seems to faze her and she is virtually unstoppable. As the song goes there ain’t no mountain high enough and seemingly ain’t no river long enough. Those valleys had probably better watch their backs as well!

She’s like a little Lara Croft meets future Blue Peter presenter and it’s just a joy to watch her taking on the world one increasingly confident step at a time. Iz has come on in quite literally leaps and bounds this past 12 months and its truely exciting to see what new adventures she and we shall encounter over the coming 12 months.