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Iz it a bird…Iz it a plane…

Batman vs Superman might well have started shooting recently but anothsuper rester DC superhero was spotted the other weekend round Southend…none other than Supergirl.

DSC_0433 christopher-reeves-superman-main[1]I think that Iz gave Helen Slater quite literally a run for her money, practically readying herself for take off as she runs down an alley Christopher Reeve style.

Like Reeve the Super costume really brought her blue eyes out as she attended the superhero themed birthday party that saw the likes of Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man and a rival Supergirl (echoes of the Superman 3 junkyard brawl there) take to the bouncy castle with their super powers.

red like the sun of KryptonThe Man from Krypton coincidences continued throughout the party. The floor was littered with balloons but the only one that Iz was remotely interested in was the singular red balloon, clearly it reminded her of the red sun of Krypton!

green like kryptoniteIz took more caution as she went for a drink, steering clear of the bright green drink that had more than a passing resemblance of kryptonite about it.

images[7] DSC_0439Jumping back to Reeve (in a single bound naturally) Iz even managed to pull off a couple of his stances, from the hands on the hips (no, not like the Time Warp) to his meaningful stare.

She even found time to ape his kneel before Zod pose, although she didn’t go round crushing people’s hands.


kneel before ZodNo sooner had the party finished that Isabelle wanted to do it all again, alas she was unable to fly round the world backwards at supersonic speed to turn back time.
Instead she went back to being the mild-mannered (yeah right) Isabelle Newman.

But for that one afternoon you’d have believed that a Newman could fly!