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Captain my #CaptainIsabelle

IMG_6449My four year old daughter cried herself to sleep last night, she’s swapping schools next year but that isn’t what made her upset.

She loves her sport and activities and all year she has been hoping to have been picked as one of the captains during her PE lesson that session.

Yesterday was her final ever PE lesson at that school and I guess she hoped that she might, just might, finally get picked to be captain for that moment with it being her final opportunity.

That opportunity never came, and yes, she swallowed her pride and still ran as fast as her not so little legs could carry her, doing her best for her team.

She may have beaten many of her friends at the running (she is pretty quick) but last night she was beaten by her dejection at never making it to captain during her first year of PE lessons. Iz may exude confidence but she’s also a particularly sensitive soul.

So, if you are part of a team at any level, whether it be for football, netball, cricket or any other sport, help my daughter’s dream come true and help make this little girl from Essex your honorary captain.

Sure, it may not be the ice bucket challenge or may not be changing the lives of thousands of people, but it would make a difference to Isabelle, help put a smile back on her face and mean she is ‘captain’ of a team for a fleeting moment or two. Give her a sporting chance.

Simply take a picture of you and your team with a sign saying #CaptainIsabelle and share it mentioning #CaptainIsabelle in your tweet or Facebook post.