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Star Claws

I have only ever won one item from a seaside grabber machine and that was over 20 years ago. Depressing isn’t it?

That doesn’t mean I haven’t tried and tried again, but much to Isabelle’s disappointment I’ve it always just falls from the claws grasp.

IMG_0404Step up Uncle Gavin, he only went and bagged himself an Olaf cuddly toy thus sending him to the top of the cool uncle list.

He could have bought it but it isn’t quite as valiant as it being won for you with blood, sweat and pound coins. His lucky streak continued with the prize of a baby Oleg meerkat, this time for Lily.

But then, try as he might, no other cuddly toy was successfully grappled by Gavin that day but you can be claw he’ll be back for just…one…more…go.