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Isabelle: Year One

IMG_2870New school year and brand new school, having moved over the summer that meant we were able to get Iz into a school closer to home and the school that was our original first choice.

She’s never been fazed by the move of school and she was soooo excited yesterday morning to put on her new uniform and pose for the standard ‘child at door’ shot. I think she’d have quite happily walked herself to school if she could at that point.

The sun always shines on Izzy
The sun always shines on Izzy

Iz wore a summer dress for a summery day of beautiful sunshine, although I’m sure neither will last that much longer. The three of us walked hand in hand towards the school with Iz dashing to the entrance where she was soon joined by a group of new friends.

Soon she was being led into her new class of fellow woodpeckers, Woody Woodpecker suitably peering out of her class window, and of course she didn’t look back, she didn’t need to.

Can't stop Daddy!
Can’t stop Daddy!

Prior to queuing for class there was just enough time for an early morning game of hide and seek in her new surroundings, giving her the perfect excuse for a bit of exploring. There was certainly no hiding that we had sought the right place for Iz.

Her new teacher told Sarah how confident Iz was and how she wasn’t fussed about being the ‘new girl’. The headteacher even came over to her and said: “You’re the new girl aren’t you?”

“No”, replied Isabelle, “you’ve met me before.”

She won’t be the ‘new girl’ for long but will always be our New-man girl.