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Tour De Westcliff

IMG_1535And so the Tour De France starts tomorrow, Iz loves her little bike and takes to the park whenever she gets chance. She’s not exactly Street Hawk or BMX Bandits level yet but she certainly enjoys getting those wheels in motion.

I do love the fact that she is wearing her Muppets t-shirt though as it conjures images of Kermit and Piggy in a London park on their bikes in The Great Muppet Caper.

We’ve got a looooong hallway and she even sometimes insists on going up and down it, which never fails to evoke memories of The Omen or The Shining!

IMG_1537Back to the park, you can really see her determination as the grown man next to her ‘races’ her. To be fair Iz never was a great fan of the colour yellow!

Perhaps she’d have been a little quicker if Anxious the Elephant hadn’t been hitching a ride.

Haven’t I seen you before somewhere?

Well here we are just over three whole weeks in, zooms by I know, and numerous people have commented that Izzy looks like the pair of us, which sounds kind of obvious but it is also nice to hear.

The general consensus seems to be that the top half (eyes and er forehead) is moi and the rest (nose and mouth) is Sarah. Ears we can’t make our mind up on so they can be like Switzerland in World War 2 and be neutral.

At times though Izzy has also taken on the chameleon-like role of appearing as several other different people, sort of.

With her giant scratch mitts (which look more like she is playing a game of scatch) which constantly wriggle off due to her oh so tiny hands which has meant she has scratched herself a little, nothing serious though. Thank goodness she has hair then as she’d look more than a little like Donald Pleasance as Blofeld, arch enemy of one 007 in You Only Live Twice.

Sarah thinks Izzy looks a little like the worm in the wall in Labyrinth that speaks to Sarah – the character in the film played by Jennifer Connelly.  Sounds cruel I know. It’s all in the dinky nose, mouth and her eyes. Obviously it’s not a worm in everyday sense of the word but in the fantasy world of the Jim Henson Creature Workshop, so that’s okay then. Still it could have been worse!

Izzy also has a habit of constantly poking her tongue out, a bit like Barty Crouch Jr, as played by David Tennant in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, not that she’s in league with Voldemort or practices the dark arts or anything.

I’m that used to seeing Izzy asleep or laid down, so it’s a brilliant sight to see her sat upright after having her fill of milk. It’s great to see her so animated, looking and moving like a proper little person, a little juddery, a bit like an animatronic, but a proper juddery animatronic person none the less.

Sometimes she looks part little old man, slightly hunched over and rather looking out of breath, but then who wouldn’t after necking 5 fl oz of milk in record time. Sticking with Jim Henson, movement wise she also has an air of Robin, Kermit’s nephew about her, by way of a Doozer from Fraggle Rock minus the hardhat. She’s undeniably cute and just wants to make you go ah!

Toy Story

And so it has come to pass, we have bought the first toy for our baby.

Seeing as you asked, it is a ‘Sleeping Timmy’, based on the baby sheep character from Shaun the Sheep. It seemed a great idea buying it at the time, apart from the fact that ‘Timmy’ kept on making snoring/bleating noises as we made our way round the supermarket, with both increasing volume and strange looks.

As with other baby related items it’s not been allowed past the threshold of the front door for now, so mum and dad-in-law get the pleasure of the snoring sheep – it even has its own little teddy bear, at the mo. I’ll admit though I’d have probably been tempted to buy it even if we weren’t having a baby…there I said it.

Apparently when I was a baby my favourite toy character was Casper the Friendly Ghost, until he went missing in action one fateful shopping trip. Casper, I hardly knew the. I don’t really remember him but I do still have fond memories of some of my first toys, including a massive dog that used to sit at the end of my bed, which I cleverly dubbed ‘Big Dog’, hardly original but he was bloomin massive and he kept the sheets on the end of the bed to boot!

I also had a giant blue bear that my Nanna bought me, she also bought my brother a brown one when he was born, and the stuffing may have been knocked out them a little bit and might be missing an eye, but we still both have them and cherish them. Thanks Nanna.

Another favourite was a Kermit the Frog glove puppet that I had. I loved this so much that I used to sleep with my hand in him, which meant his mouth eventually was destroyed and you could poke my it straight through with red dangly bits of material hanging out of his mouth, which probably looked a tad horrific.

Such toys may not stay on your bed today, but they’ll always stay with you.