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Last Action Heroine

Isabelle’s always loved her films and going to the cinema so I decided to do a ‘Last Action Hero’ and put her in the movie, sort of, with these short videos.

Jurassic Peppa Pig World

With the launch of the hotly anticipated Jurassic World trailer I decided to mash things up a bit and meld the worlds of Peppa Pig and dinosaurs – no not George’s – in this play on the Jurassic World teaser.

Iz View To A Kill

I’ve always loved A View To A Kill (you can close your mouths now), which served as Roger Moore’s swansong in his tenure as James Bond. On holiday Iz took to a firetruck ride and immediately she reminded me of Tanya Roberts taking the wheel of the truck whilst the future Sir Rog swung about San Francisco on the back of a fire ladder. Here’s that scene unwittingly homaged by Isabelle.

Slide Hard

Apart from the title and Ode to Joy this doesn’t really have anything to do with John McClane or Die Hard, although Iz could have been very well wearing a white vest under her t-shirt. Still, I thought it rounded out the piece rather nicely and if I’m being tenuous, which I am, the slide was high up and so was Nakatomi Plaza.