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3 going on 13

I don’t know what it is but it is as if Isabelle went to bed a toddler the night before her third birthday and woke up three going on thirteen.

IMG_3495Not to put to finer point on it she has practically regenerated Doctor Who style, essentially the same person but new skills, new actions and a sonic squeal rather than of the screwdriver variety.

I don’t know about generation x but Iz is more generation why? Everything, just everything I questioned as she becomes far more quizzical and try’s to understand the world around her. Why did x film have to end? Because the story had finished. But why? And so it trundles¬†on like a cross between Jeopardy and QI.

For some reason it brings back echoes of an old Hale & Pace sketch (!) with Gareth Hale as some Welsh bloke who just asks what everything is. What’s that then? What’s that then? What’s this then?

Popping into the supermarket I now also a whole different kettle of fish as well as Iz can now be found regularly opening the sliding freezers, having a rummage around or sticking her head in.

To me it’s akin to that scene in Jurassic Park when we discover with shock and horror that the velociraptors can open doors!

It would certainly seem that we can only expect the unexpected and if we thought that with the terrible twos out of the way being three would be a er Jurassic lark then we could be sorely mistaken.

IMG_3491Evie is about six months older that Iz and her mum and dad, Alison and Mark, told us in no uncertain terms that we weren’t out of the toddler battle field yet. Darn!

Back to the Jurassic Park analogy then, perhaps it’s just like what Jeff Goldblum’s character Dr Robert Malcolm said, that chaos theory will rein and that nature will find a way. If one thing is for sure then Isabelle is a big fan of chaos theory…welcome to Isabelle Park!