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Round and round the garden

Isabelle loved being chased round the garden by my dad (in his trademark red jacket – if he had an action figure you could be sure that it would come with a red jacket, in fact what with his beard and said jacket it was no surprise that my niece said that one of her friends said he looked like Santa, how we laughed – ho, ho, ho).

Talking of Santa and segwaying – of sorts – into snow, my dad running round the garden couldn’t help but remind me of those final scenes in The Shining where Jack Nicholson is chasing his son round and round the snow covered maze – hence me trying to emulate that somewhat with my tracking shot of sorts, well as much as you can with a digital camera! Obviously my dad wasn’t brandishing an axe and with him it was more a case of red coat, red coat than red rum, red rum.

Iz couldn’t get enough of the thrill of the being chased as her shrieks of delight testify, each and every time practically jumping out of her skin but then wanting ‘more’ (her fave phrase at the mo) as soon as the chase was  over.

No dads were harmed in the making of this video, so he wasn’t left to freeze like Nicholson did in the film.