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Another one of those block rockin heartbeats

Had a visit to the midwife on Friday to ensure everything was still all okay, it was by the way, and even managed to get to hear the baby’s heartbeat. It took a short while to locate it and the device the midwife used sounded like it was picking up loads of static, perhaps she should have had a DAB one I thought but it turns out the terrific noise, akin to that of strong wind on the microphone of a video camera, was the noise of blood rushing through blood vessels, so there you go.

Anyway heartbeat located and it was a going at a fair old rate of knots, then I guess anyone would in that small space – still it’ll have a three bedroom flat to roam/cause chaos round soon enough. Back to the heart rate, it was a good old 152 bpm for any fact fans out there, which sounds like something more at home at the Ministry of Sound or something.

And talking of sound, once we got to hear it it was an obvious relief but also slightly unnerving as it sounded like the alien noises used at beginning of the Donald Sutherland version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but seeing as our doctor isn’t Leonard Nimoy and I didn’t see any dogs with human faces peeing up walls I think it’s safe to say we are okay…for now.

In comparison┬áSarah’s heartbeat was obviously much slower and she sounded more like KITT, or his light at the front to be more precise, which would probably be quite handy if she was as she gets quite knackered at the mo and could no doubt do with a bit of a turbo boost at the end of the day. I did tell her this but she just told me to stop taking the Michael (Knight).