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Daley Inspiration

IMG_6060Isabelle loves swimming and her swimming lessons so much that she is practically The Newman From Atlantis, minus the webbed feet and hands you understand.

What she has done in her one-to-one lessons in nine weeks is nothing short of amazing (much doffing of swimming cap to her teacher, Nicky) as she is now swimming lengths in the big pool without her armbands. That’s right, to paraphrase Westlife, she’s swimming without wings.

Now, as mentioned previously, she generally splashes about (faster than lightning) in the diving pool and this was where she could be found this week.

It’s been used for practice by some of the celebs in this series of Splash! and last week Sarah and Iz saw Perry from Diversity and some of the rest of the er ‘crew’ including Ashley Banjo.

This week though, it was the main main himself. No, not Vernon silly, Tom, Tom Daley.

Sarah recounted that when she saw him she blurted out his name in full, one of those things you only seem to do with famous people.

The Rocketeer meets Louie Spence
The Rocketeer meets Louie Spence

Anyway, Tom, who was fully clothed I hasten to add, was marvelling at how good a swimmer Iz was for someone so young and how cute she looked in her little outfit and goggles.Sarah politely asked for his autograph for Iz (yeah right), ironically I’d have been asking for his boyfriend’s autograph with him being a screenwriter and all.

Unsurprisingly Tom was charming, down to earth and just really genuine and even though I wasn’t there I just thought it was lovely that he took the time to compliment one of the next gen of swimmers.

He was particularly impressed that she was swimming in such deep water, being the diving pool they’d not closed ‘the floor’ (it opens Tracy Island style for when people are diving – minus Thunderbird 1 blasting out of it) and it was over five metres in depth.

I’m sure it’s a (extend, tuck) drop in the ocean as he must make nice encouraging, positive comments to lots of swimmers but he made a real Splash! with Iz…well, I say that but she was kind of more interested in her post-swim Curly Wurly (sorry Tom), but I know it is something she will cherish in the future and no doubt clock him come Saturday night when he’s stood atop his diving board.

tom-daley1_2308057c[1]And whatever you think of the programme, it and he are certainly inspiring more people to get back in the pool. Perhaps it will only be a matter of time then before someone brings back ‘We Are The Champions’. Everybody in the pool!

Thanks Tom.