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Chicken pox: the itchy and scratchy show

Recently Iz had chicken pox…

Yep, Iz has chicken pox. Most of her class fell before her and she was only going to outrun it for so long.

According to Sarah, Iz looked a little forlornĀ as she waited to be picked up from school once it was discovered she was infected, although she was happy that she didn’t have any on her face and also announced that she no longer liked chickens a they had given her the pox.

Of course it wasn’t long before a few spots became legion, which is apt as many more and she’d start to look like Regan in The Exorcist.

And with the spots came the lotion (cue Buffalo Bill impression) to soothe the intense itchiness. We even went and bought some porridge oats and wet them in an old pair of tights (Sarah’s not my old Robin Hood ones) and squeeze them until a milky substance came out into the bath. Who knew?

It seemed to do the trick, I had to go out and buy some especially, which is probably a good thing as I don’t think it would have worked quite so well with tights full of Frosties. I guess they wouldn’t have worked so grrreat!

Apart with a couple of traumas with the cream application and nighttime itching it wasn’t long before Iz was back to her normal self and was back to school after a week after spots had scabbed over.