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Zombie Pirates: Dead (New)man’s Chest

DSC_1229Iz might not have been able to join the rest of the walking dead taking to Southend Pier for their annual zombie walk but she entered into the spirit of things as she attended one of her best friends Halloween themed birthday party.


Just like Boris Karloff et al before her Iz patiently sat as her undead make-up was applied. Sarah certainly ensured that Iz looked all white (with patches of festering green) on the night.The make-up might not have withstood the rigours of the bouncy castle (a firm favourite apart from from when it wasn’t so firm after the hose became detached) but with Iz being as Casper-pale as me she still carried off that ghostly white appearance.DSC_1268The afternoon was spent chasing costumed friends (or should that be fiends?) back and forth before Dracula and company chilled out on the bouncy castle. Perhaps they had worn themselves out?Still, horror law (and copious sugar intake) dictates that come this evening they’ll return for the back from the bed ending…