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On our way round Paultons Park, the home of Peppa Pig World, we couldn’t help notice yellow booths dotted round. On closer inspection they were drying booths if you had got wet on rides.

I couldn’t help but think of the transportation pods in the David Cronenberg remake of The Fly though.

Having said that, if you look at the image it seems to be a cross between that move Agent Smith makes to dodge bullets on the top of the building in The Matrix (funnily enough playing in the background as we speak) and Sam Beckett in his white spandex in the Quantum Leap accelerator. Oh boy!

Naturally I couldn’t resist emulating the Jeff Goldblum pose in one of them, unlike him I was of course fully clothed. And instead of a rogue fly invading my pod I had Isabelle.

Help me! Help me! Help me! If you hear that noise whilst out in the garden be sure to just check any spider webs before you swat me with your shoe.