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Jur-Iz-ac Park

Once we had escaped Peppa Pig World – thankfully no Westworld style shenanigans went down – we found ourselves come face to face – or should that be face to foot with dinosaurs. Being a fan of George, Isabelle knew what a dinosaur was and what noises they make (in films anyway).

I think Isabelle was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the models more than anything else. I think every child has a soft spot for dinosaurs – certainly I fondly remember ‘seeing’ some at a Dinosaur Park in Colwyn Bay one family holiday (it must have been 1987 as I remember it being the birth place of Timothy Dalton who had just had his first Bond film released, The Living Daylights) and having my pic taken with them all, especially with my favourite, the Triceratops.

It turns out that this giant beast before us at Paultons Park was just the beginning as we all entered under a sign and down a secluded path that transported us back 60 million years (and we thought we had done a lot of mileage that week already what with us driving up to Notts, then Northumberland and then back to Notts and finally to Southampton).

With the weather being a tad grotty and a bit muddy it added to the whole atmosphere and as we made our way through we came across a whole host of beasts that once ruled the Earth, yes, including my still firm fave, the Triceratops (well he is vegetarian as well).

The secluded path reminded me somewhat of one of the sets from the much derided – but why didn’t mind it – A Sound of Thunder – needless to say we checked our shoes for any giant butterflies we might have trodden on – If you are familiar with the Ray Bradbury story you’ll know what I mean.

Sort of sticking with that cause and effect idea on our journey ‘back in time’ we also discovered what wiped out the dinosaurs…cigarettes!

Dinosaur, as we all know, is Latin for terrible lizard and with Isabelle’s rather impressive impression of a dinosaur I think we can say that she didn’t make a not to terrible Iz-ard.