Anna get your fun

DSC_5716Looking every inch the Disney princess as Anna from Frozen, Iz was looking forward to the birthday party of two of her friends.

The theme was princesses and superheroes and for Iz, always more Anna in her ways – funny, a little accident prone and loyal – than Elsa, it was nice to see this Disney princess take the centre stage. DSC_5730

And Iz had a whale of a time, popping bubbles, dancing, musical bumps, dancing, musical statues, doing the Hokey Cokey, dancing, pass the parcel and did I say dancing?

It was lovely to see thoughtful Iz go and lead a shy friend from her seat so that she could also join in the pass the parcel, the little girl in question even winning a prize.

DSC_5792Iz also proved to be something of a limbo expert, well I guess we all have hidden talents!

That was nothing compared to the conga, which was a continued source of amusement and hilarity for all involved, which Iz thought was quite literally a scream. DSC_5774

It was then time for a breather and a spot of lunch where Iz reverted back to full Anna mode, you could almost hear her and Ash saying:

Ash: I mean it’s crazy we finish each other’s

Iz: sandwiches DSC_5784

Although I don’t remember Anna creating giant lips out of onion ring crisps, like her dad she never fails to utilise a good prop to maximum effect.

Bellies full and energy recharged it was back to the dance floor for a dance competition, the search was on for the best boy and best girl. DSC_5751Busting all her best moves and wiggles, It was as if Iz was channeling the spirit of Tony Manerno from Saturday Night Fever.

Iz won best girl dancer, her popping candy prize giving her an oral round of applause for the duration of the drive home.


Star Claws

I have only ever won one item from a seaside grabber machine and that was over 20 years ago. Depressing isn’t it?

That doesn’t mean I haven’t tried and tried again, but much to Isabelle’s disappointment I’ve it always just falls from the claws grasp.

IMG_0404Step up Uncle Gavin, he only went and bagged himself an Olaf cuddly toy thus sending him to the top of the cool uncle list.

He could have bought it but it isn’t quite as valiant as it being won for you with blood, sweat and pound coins. His lucky streak continued with the prize of a baby Oleg meerkat, this time for Lily.

But then, try as he might, no other cuddly toy was successfully grappled by Gavin that day but you can be claw he’ll be back for just…one…more…go.

Don’t talk just Iz

IMG_0531This was the conversation before I went to work this morning.

Iz: I’m going to give you five kisses because I am nearly five.

Me: That’s nice, although I’m going to have to get up half-an-hour early if you are still doing that when you are 30.

Iz: I will daddy.

That certainly sets you up nicely for the day at work as she happily waved me off stood on the front step in her pyjamas.

Scooby Tat-Doo

IMG_0418Iz loves all things Scooby-Doo, so when she was given the choice of a temporary tattoo it was no mystery (machine) that she chose the cowardly crime-fighting canine.

And as you’ll see below she loved it and has been thrilled that although most of his glitter has done that the tattoo still triumphantly remains after multiple showers and baths.

I’m sure that by the time Iz starts back at school come September Scooby-Doo won’t still be haunting her arm.

She’s got a wristband to ride

It’s hard to believe that it is a week since we hot-footed it down to Clacton for the day to catch up with my brother, Gavin, and his family who were there for a short break. We soon found ourselves at the pier, drawn by the lure of the rides…something which Iz couldn’t wait for.

With wristband bought, queue joined, Iz couldn’t wait. And she didn’t have to wait long. Okay, so it may not be Busch Gardens, Alton Towers or even Adventure Island from home, Southend’s free to enter theme park was named as one of the top three in the UK don’t you know? But Iz enjoyed the various rides, just being tall enough to go on them and being able to go on them with her cousins was exciting enough.

If nothing else it showed us that this little girl is becoming less little and more independent with each passing day. I think by the end of it I started to feel a bit like one of the parents on those Disney World ads where the advert plays the yours kids are growing up fast card.

Tea for two

Iz took to the tea cups with Kai and loved being spun round and round and round and round…


Although not as speedy as the Speedy Gonzales inspired frontage suggested Iz still let out a squeak of delight on this mini-coaster, even feeling brave enough to raise her hands in the air like she just didn’t care, ably assisted by Lily.


IMG_0394With something of a penchant for pink elephants, especially those named Anxious, it was of little surprise that Iz wanted to take to the sky in one with Luke.

But she was never happier than when taking a ride on the back of her cousin, Lily, although I’m not so sure Lily would necessarily agree!


Boys toys story

FullSizeRenderMy brother and I always used to play on the arcades during our family summer holiday,one year it would be The Simpsons arcade machine, the next Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (as they were so named in the UK first time round). And if memory serves we completed the latter…several pound coins lighter.

One thing that we could never pass up was a shoot ’em up, the only proviso being that it had a gun that you could hold, so whether it was Operation: Wolf, Time Crisis 2 (damn you pesky peddles) or House of the Dead (nice pump action shotgun addition) or Area 51 we were sure to give it a go, all the while perfecting our Martin Riggs/John McClane holding the weapons stance. None of this guns held at the side Tarantino rubbish you understand.

Gavin had always been the one with the better shot, so his pound always lasted longer, with me always having a continue countdown much earlier than he. It was always the same at home as well, he always got further on everything such as Goldeneye at home as well.

And so we spied Aliens: Armageddon, the years may have passed but the oh so serious stances still remained and so was the result, yep, Gavin lasted much longer than me. Long enough even for me to create this little video.

Perhaps he can stick to the shooting and I’ll pen the witty one liners?

FullSizeRender - CopyIt was if time had frozen and we were back in the arcades on holiday almost 20 years ago…not that Frozen silly!!! (sings) Him winning never bothered me anyway!

The sound of drums

Whilst waiting for another episode of Adventure Time to download Isabelle heard David Cameron mentioned on the BBC Breakfast News. This is the conversation that followed…


Isabelle: “David Cameron, David Cameron, David Cameron.”

Dean: “How do you know his name Iz?”

Isabelle: “He was on our whiteboard at school.”

Dean: “And do you know who he is?”

FullSizeRenderIsabelle: “He’s The Master.”

(To be fair, she wasn’t especially clear on which incarnation – John Simm’s obviously WAS the Prime Minister, but she did later say that she got the word Master and Minister mixed up.)

The Essex Dad will rise…

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