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Stars in their Iz: The Punisher

For Iz’s second party of the weekend she was headed to The Fun Factory, think Fun House meets The Running Man via Rollerball, where all the kids would be jostling for position in a giant Crystal Maze-style soft play centre full of climbing nets, giant slides and tunnels aplenty.

Iz was clearly taking no prisoners as she went dressed as The Punisher (sort of), think of her as more The Punisher: Play Zone than The Punisher: War Zone, can’t see Dolph Lundgren or Thomas Jane in a sparkly skull top mind!

It was all quite apt as I was once dubbed ‘The Pun-isher’ in a previous job on account of of my wordplay with news and story headlines for my media releases.

The Punisher: Play Zone
The Punisher: Play Zone
The Punisher: War Zone
The Punisher: War Zone

Stars in Their Iz: Guinness ad homage is pure genius

How it came about, I’m not really sure, but somehow Isabelle ended up jumping over both Sarah and I laying on the bed. She loved it in some crazy Evel Knievel style way, thankfully stopping short of jumping over the pair of us on fire for the added danger (us on fire not Iz).

Iz certainly floated through the air with the greatest of ease…with a rather spectacular landing, which she managed to carry off again and again, hitting her mark each and everytime.

Her prepping and getting ready for the perfect moment to leap reminded me of the classic Guinness advert with the surfers and the horses in the waves from 1998, which has to be one of the best adverts ever. With that in mind I decided to pay homage to that very advert, right down to the moody black and white.

Okay, so instead of the pint of Guinness glass I used an empty drinks cup with the lid acting as the head and black paper representing the pint. Does that make Sarah and I the horses? Here is the classic original that still packs an adrenaline punch today.

Stars in Their Iz: Reservoir Dogs

rdogs[1]Quentin Tarantino has just triumphed at both the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards for his scribing duties on Django Unchained. Harking back to Tarantino at the very beginning of his career I managed to capture Isabelle and Sarah’s (Mrs Pink Wellies) accidental homage to that oft-imitated scene from Reservoir Dogs.

To add to the literal meaning Missy the Jack Russell can be spotted in the first few frames and the giant puddle is almost the size of a er reservoir (almost).

All I was missing was an empty packet of Walkers salt & vinegar crisps swirling through the shot (my, ahem, little green bag).

Stars in Their Iz: Star Wars

401745-nien_nunbYou’d have to have been languishing under a large rock (which I presume Luke would try to levitate at some point) in the mystical swamps of the Dagobah System not to have heard about the new Star Wars trilogy of films after they moved to Disney.

It was also announced that there would be a couple of standalone films in the series, focussing on the early years of Han Solo and one Bobba Fett.

landoIt’s a shame that they don’t want to do one on Nien Nunb, Lando Calrissian’s co-pilot from Return of the Jedi, as Isabelle would be the perfect match!

Of course it was once rumoured that there would be a Han and Greedo film but it was decided that the Han one would shoot first.

Stars in Their Iz: Quantum of Solace

Okay, so she is minus the high powered automatic weopon and the Saville Row suit but Isabelle still manged to echo the poster for the last Bond flick, Quantum of Solace as she had a whale of a time on Southend beach last Friday.

Admittedly I don’t recall Daniel Craig moments later picking up a hand full of stones and then relish throwing them up in the air or then to try to proceed to eat them.

Stars in Their Iz: Marty McFly

Or should that be Martine McFly? Iz has been pretty much insperable from from new Peppa Pig sunglasses since Grandma and Grandad bought them last week.

Here we see her adopting the raised sunglasses Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) pose as seen in the poster to Back to the Future.

If only she was wearing her denim jacket!

To quote Doc Brown, frantically looking at his watch. “Damn, where Iz that kid?!

Stars in their Iz #10

My mum and dad were down at the weekend for a flying visit (and it really zoomed at a rate of knots) which saw us hit one of our local pubs for Sunday lunch.

Isabelle enjoys a spot of peek-a-boo, so her and Sarah gave it a go whilst waiting for our rather delicious grub to come out. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the dinner table scene in Jaws between Chief Brody (the sorely missed Roy Scheider) and his son, Sean, in a rare moment of calm and warmth, which has to be one of the stand out moments in the whole film, shark or no shark.

It’s a scene that can’t fail to make you smile and would even make Quint weep (perhaps).

Sean Brody and Chief Brody


Stars in their Iz #9

Iz has now taken to wearing her woolly hat indoors, quite some feat seeing that she was always taking it off when she first had it, now it seems it is the must have headgear of 2012.

I can’t look at her wearing it though without thinking of Mike Nesmith from The Monkees, minus the sideburns of course (Daddy makes up for that side of things).

Mike Nesmith
Isabelle Newman