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The Amateur-ville Horror

IMG_3048It may not be to the level at, say, Universal Studios with their Halloween shenanigans but my brother certainly does take time and scare over his Halloween spook-tacular.

The front of his house and garden (the rockery horror picture show?) was transformed into a mysterious mist heavy graveyard complete with listing headstones and accompanying ghouls and fiends…all of which stands between would-be trick or treaters and their candy…if they dare!

IMG_3044Fittingly it all took place in the last house on the left (before the school) and this year visitors had to dodge the likes of uber scary clowns (are there any other type?).

There was also a dapperly-suited Jigsaw (yours truly) that kept children and adults guessing if it was real or not.

Well, of course I wanted them to play a game of real or not real as I hid among the tombstones Baron Samedi-style.

Then there was an illuminated cloaked devil figure (my brother’s guise for this year) that was one part Ghostface and one part Darth Maul.

IMG_3038And then there was Iz, otherwise known as spooky speedy pumpkin (I have no idea, that’s the name Iz gave herself), a black and pink striped cat (must be a pedigree with that name) as played with much relish by Isabelle.

She gave the likes of Nicole Scherzinger and Michelle Pfeiffer a run for their milk money with her zeal, which started out as domesticated friendliness  before ending the evening as feral claws and hisses.

Iz was a whisker above Claudia Winkleman, who’d chosen a frightfully feline outfit for this week’s Strictly Come Dancing as well.

IMG_3516Not to fear though if any of the intrepid visitors needed medical attention though as there was a member of medical personnel on hand, feet and torsos in the form of a sinister psycho surgeon complete with death-oscope,

Sarah here channeling her inner Incredible Hulk with those eyes! Is it me or do they follow you round the room?

IMG_3549With such a menagerie of monsters on display you’d have thought that perhaps the neighbours might have stared, not to matter as Shona would stared right back at them and right through them.

Beyond the front door a world of the macabre awaited Halloween party guests in the form of Ringu figures on the stairs, a river of dry ice emanating from a cauldron across the food (of the gods) that put Top of the Pops to shame and curtains of cobwebs aplenty.

Isabelle loved it, merrily swishing the hubbling and bubbling mist, although I think Isabelle must have thought that the food was on fire judging by her reaction.

IMG_3563It was also the night of the living dad and mum as my parents showed they weren’t too cool for ghoul arriving in full costume and make-up, here caught it the kitchen which was full of its own devilish delights.

There was also no sanctuary to be found the other side of the house either as those escaping through the back door were met by a baby complete with spinning head and and creepy lullaby.

IMG_3559Reeling in horror from that you are then faced with a body bag and shovel amidst more graves to make your (Burke and) hairs stand on end, before being chased from the property by a cackling head hidden in the wall.

It certainly was an evening of high spirits where a good fright was had by all and nobody could deny that it was a real scream.

Perhaps most frightening of all though was when I removed my mask (steady) and wore it on my head as I became less Jigsaw puppet from Saw and more Max Wall!


Isabelle: Year One

IMG_2870New school year and brand new school, having moved over the summer that meant we were able to get Iz into a school closer to home and the school that was our original first choice.

She’s never been fazed by the move of school and she was soooo excited yesterday morning to put on her new uniform and pose for the standard ‘child at door’ shot. I think she’d have quite happily walked herself to school if she could at that point.

The sun always shines on Izzy
The sun always shines on Izzy

Iz wore a summer dress for a summery day of beautiful sunshine, although I’m sure neither will last that much longer. The three of us walked hand in hand towards the school with Iz dashing to the entrance where she was soon joined by a group of new friends.

Soon she was being led into her new class of fellow woodpeckers, Woody Woodpecker suitably peering out of her class window, and of course she didn’t look back, she didn’t need to.

Can't stop Daddy!
Can’t stop Daddy!

Prior to queuing for class there was just enough time for an early morning game of hide and seek in her new surroundings, giving her the perfect excuse for a bit of exploring. There was certainly no hiding that we had sought the right place for Iz.

Her new teacher told Sarah how confident Iz was and how she wasn’t fussed about being the ‘new girl’. The headteacher even came over to her and said: “You’re the new girl aren’t you?”

“No”, replied Isabelle, “you’ve met me before.”

She won’t be the ‘new girl’ for long but will always be our New-man girl.

The Butterfly Effect

Isabelle starts back at school tomorrow, not just in Year 1 but also in a new school.

Before the school holidays the three of us took the opportunity to go and meet her new teacher.

IMG_0230With her Iz took a picture of butterfly she had drawn to pass onto that new teacher, which was received with much delight.

But what delighted us even more was what happened next, Iz was shown what is to be her new classroom and earlier that week it turns out that the children who are going to be in her class had also drawn and painted butterflies and Isabelle’s butterfly was not just invited to join the others but was added to the colourful wall to join the others.

We all thought this was an amazingly sweet introduction and spoke volumes about what both Isabelle and we can expect from the school. We thought, she isn’t a part of that class in September, she’s been welcomed with opened arms into it already.

As one mum told me, who also has children at that school, “It’s the Virgin Atlantic of local primary schools.”

Well that was a first class service we got that day. And it was somewhat fitting that the mum just so happened to be talking to the head teacher when we arrived, obviously a sign.

And if that wasn’t a sign, this coupled with the butterfly coincidence surely was, Isabelle’s place only came about as another pupil left…that pupil’s name also just so happened to be Isabelle.