The Butterfly Effect

Isabelle starts back at school tomorrow, not just in Year 1 but also in a new school.

Before the school holidays the three of us took the opportunity to go and meet her new teacher.

IMG_0230With her Iz took a picture of butterfly she had drawn to pass onto that new teacher, which was received with much delight.

But what delighted us even more was what happened next, Iz was shown what is to be her new classroom and earlier that week it turns out that the children who are going to be in her class had also drawn and painted butterflies and Isabelle’s butterfly was not just invited to join the others but was added to the colourful wall to join the others.

We all thought this was an amazingly sweet introduction and spoke volumes about what both Isabelle and we can expect from the school. We thought, she isn’t a part of that class in September, she’s been welcomed with opened arms into it already.

As one mum told me, who also has children at that school, “It’s the Virgin Atlantic of local primary schools.”

Well that was a first class service we got that day. And it was somewhat fitting that the mum just so happened to be talking to the head teacher when we arrived, obviously a sign.

And if that wasn’t a sign, this coupled with the butterfly coincidence surely was, Isabelle’s place only came about as another pupil left…that pupil’s name also just so happened to be Isabelle.


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