Anna get your fun

DSC_5716Looking every inch the Disney princess as Anna from Frozen, Iz was looking forward to the birthday party of two of her friends.

The theme was princesses and superheroes and for Iz, always more Anna in her ways – funny, a little accident prone and loyal – than Elsa, it was nice to see this Disney princess take the centre stage. DSC_5730

And Iz had a whale of a time, popping bubbles, dancing, musical bumps, dancing, musical statues, doing the Hokey Cokey, dancing, pass the parcel and did I say dancing?

It was lovely to see thoughtful Iz go and lead a shy friend from her seat so that she could also join in the pass the parcel, the little girl in question even winning a prize.

DSC_5792Iz also proved to be something of a limbo expert, well I guess we all have hidden talents!

That was nothing compared to the conga, which was a continued source of amusement and hilarity for all involved, which Iz thought was quite literally a scream. DSC_5774

It was then time for a breather and a spot of lunch where Iz reverted back to full Anna mode, you could almost hear her and Ash saying:

Ash: I mean it’s crazy we finish each other’s

Iz: sandwiches DSC_5784

Although I don’t remember Anna creating giant lips out of onion ring crisps, like her dad she never fails to utilise a good prop to maximum effect.

Bellies full and energy recharged it was back to the dance floor for a dance competition, the search was on for the best boy and best girl. DSC_5751Busting all her best moves and wiggles, It was as if Iz was channeling the spirit of Tony Manerno from Saturday Night Fever.

Iz won best girl dancer, her popping candy prize giving her an oral round of applause for the duration of the drive home.

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