She’s got a wristband to ride

It’s hard to believe that it is a week since we hot-footed it down to Clacton for the day to catch up with my brother, Gavin, and his family who were there for a short break. We soon found ourselves at the pier, drawn by the lure of the rides…something which Iz couldn’t wait for.

With wristband bought, queue joined, Iz couldn’t wait. And she didn’t have to wait long. Okay, so it may not be Busch Gardens, Alton Towers or even Adventure Island from home, Southend’s free to enter theme park was named as one of the top three in the UK don’t you know? But Iz enjoyed the various rides, just being tall enough to go on them and being able to go on them with her cousins was exciting enough.

If nothing else it showed us that this little girl is becoming less little and more independent with each passing day. I think by the end of it I started to feel a bit like one of the parents on those Disney World ads where the advert plays the yours kids are growing up fast card.

Tea for two

Iz took to the tea cups with Kai and loved being spun round and round and round and round…


Although not as speedy as the Speedy Gonzales inspired frontage suggested Iz still let out a squeak of delight on this mini-coaster, even feeling brave enough to raise her hands in the air like she just didn’t care, ably assisted by Lily.


IMG_0394With something of a penchant for pink elephants, especially those named Anxious, it was of little surprise that Iz wanted to take to the sky in one with Luke.

But she was never happier than when taking a ride on the back of her cousin, Lily, although I’m not so sure Lily would necessarily agree!


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