Grrreat Father’s Day

Never has a dish of Frosties tasted so good, as prepared by and served by Isabelle for my Fathers Day breakfast.

You could say that I was bowled over by the joy it brought Iz, who was really proud that she had made me breakfast this morning.

And of course I should be thankful that it wasn’t the jam roll with baked beans that greeted the dad in the Bluebird Kitchen advert.

Isabelle had made me a great card at school which featured a shirt and tie – even getting it right that even when I do manage t tie a tie it is often too short – which when you opened it revealed how much Iz loved me, the lovely touch being that the hands featured inside were paint prints of Iz’s actual hands. Sarah, I might do you a hand print one for your birthday.

IMG_2679I also got a Superdad card that she wrote in with huuuuuuge stonking great kisses and a lovely superhero sign.

She also bought me a couple of items from school on Friday, one a torch was most practical and Iz said that I could use it when I was reading her stories.

The other was a cookie medal for a number one dad.

IMG_2670That didn’t last until Father’s Day though as Iz wanted to eat it after school, still I er enjoyed her enjoyment of it though and at least she let me take a picture and have a little nibble just to get a sense of what it tasted like. By all accounts it was scrummy.

Just be the ball, be the ball, be the ball.
Just be the ball, be the ball, be the ball.

Thanks Iz, I had a lovely day playing you at crazy golf, I lost of course and I can assure you that you’ll grow to appreciate the Caddyshack jokes, I promise. We also had a lovely tapas at home and finally got to read you Room On The Broom before you went to sleep.

The day started with a jolly happy Father’s Day hug and ended with a love you daddy kiss, perfect.


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