She’s so Izzy, her head is spinning

DSC_3782Joyland, on Great Yarmouth sea front, may look like something out of an old Scooby-Doo episode but that would only make Iz love it even more.

Looking a little past its best it is however the perfect introduction to rides for the little ones.

Iz was particularly pleased that she was now tall enough to hit the rides on her own, clearly she has shot up somewhat since our last visit in October.

photoAnd with her height came a new height in confidence, which was great to see, with Iz gleefully taking to the rides on her own and it was clear she relished every single moment of it.

She was just so willing, playful and cheeky in her photo poses, always delivering something genuinely laugh out loud funny, unexpected and typically Iz. She really is such a character.

DSC_3813That’s not to say that Iz didn’t want us to run the gauntlet of the rides with her though, I had the pleasure (if that’s the word) of the spinning barrel ride which essentially spins you round like you are in a washing machine and jolts you and spins you again. It all felt a little like that scene in the first The Hobbit film.

Check out Iz cam in all its shaky glory here.

DSC_3816We also went all The NeverEnding Story taking a ride on a giant snail, but Iz was really holding out for the vampire rollercoaster, “I’m not scared daddy”, she told me as we zipped round the corner on the mini-rollercoaster and into the pitch blackness.

photoWe had our photos taken on both rides and bought them, which was the real thrill for me, more than the rides, as so often it is me capturing the image and not being captured in the image.

That’s totally my fault I know, but then that makes the captured by the camera moments with Isabelle all the more special…

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