Ain’t no party like a 5 club party

The solar eclipse may have been a rare occurrence but that other rarity happened recently, the double kids party weekender.

Two days of fifth birthdays, two days of cheesy balls, orange squash and screaming…oh dear lord, the screaming!

We were at a kids party (number one) in a typically echoey church hall with a DJ blasting out the kid friendly hits. He may have peaked early as he’s already played his Let It Go and Everything is Awesome card not 15 minutes into his ‘set’.

We’ve also had Barbie World…only time will tell if we end of Cotton Eye Joeing or Scatman Johning it…personally I think it would be go down a storm if we had a spot of Star Trekkin, Doctrin’ The Tardis (dubious with Gary Glitter sample though to be fair) or anything by the KLF.

Well, it took a further 20 mins for Cotton Eye Joe to appear. Clearly this is as much for the adults as well as we followed that up with Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble by Ant and Dec, I saw them performing it live on the Bananas in Pyjamas Roadshow at Minehead Butlins…oddly it was the same day that I also got to meet Arthur C.Clarke. I must point out he was from their but was at a local bookshop and wasn’t on the Roadshow or at Butlins.

I think the most amazing entertainment we ever had at a kids party was a Blues Brothers tribute act – to be fair the dad of the boy was Jake or Elwood – but it was pretty unexpectedly amazing stuff. Anything is a bonus of course as long as it isn’t Mr Tumble (shudder).

It a packed programme of events we had traditional favourite, pass the parcel, musical bumps, which Iz loved and made the final few, and the foam machine a huuuuuuge hit. We also had the Thunderbirds theme, by Barry Gray none that Busted rubbish, blaring out which they all marched round the hall to.

And we had an X Factor style comp, singing along to bob the builder, well, more screeching meets pinky and perky to be precise. Think the interrogation scene in A Clockwork Orange meets the head exploding scene in Scanners.

fun time had by all and party bag, balloon animal collected and full of e numbers it’s time to go home…  

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