photoIz has been enjoying playing The Voice app, I say playing, she basically likes pressing it all the time, even before they sing a single note.

She’s like the anti-Will.I.Am, rather than waiting until the last possible moment she is in there as fast as she can.

Unsurprisingly her team filled up very quickly, only time will tell if there is method in her maddening fastest finger first strategy.

I guess she is just seeing the positive in everyone, one person she appears to see the positive in is Ricky Wilson, I think she and Sarah would press for him every time if they could.

Iz is as likely to turn for liking their clothes as she is for their singing ability, for example this evening she merrily pressed her turn button after liking a male contestants earrings.

If Iz turn, turn, turned anymore she’d be a member of The Byrds. No doubt Tom Jones has met them as well!

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