It’s hip to be rectangle

It may have only been a freebie gift that she got on the front of her Disney Princess magazine but Iz loves her new found tablet-inspired drawing pad.

She practically takes it everywhere with her and is constantly doodling or writing her name on the plastic – I think the 3 as an s is adorable and could be like her – that with a flick is clear again.

No mess, no fuss and perfect for a little girl finding her writing and drawing feet.

This morning on the way to school Iz drew a magnificent rectangle, which she proudly announced in the back of the car.

I was suitably impressed that she had gone for the more complicated – for a four year old – rectangle over the simplicity of the square.

She then turned it portrait and said, this way up it’s a door and then turned it sideway, I interjected with, is that a window?

No, came the reply, it’s a chocolate bar!

I guess I must take some blame for that answer.


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