Anxious the Elephant in the sweet smell of success

You got a friend in me, so goes the Randy Newman (no relation) tune that is essentially the Toy Story anthem. Iz might not have a Woody or Buzz but she does have Anxious the Elephant, one of The Seaside Squad from Haven holidays.

Anxious has been a firm favourite, nay, the only favourite since she first  clapped eyes on her when she was two. The sassy pink elephant travels everywhere with her, wherever she sleeps (sleep is not even possible without her, we bought a second one in the event of losing the original, think of her as the Vice Anxious but Iz – Invasion of the Body Snatchers style – knows that it is merely a ‘clone’), rides around in her buggy, sits in her bike basket E.T. style and also travels in the car with us each morning to school, getting a giant kiss and cuddle from Iz before she skips off to breakfast club.

It’s fair to say that she’s a well established part of the family, it’s also fair to say that she stinks. How much? Put it this way you can always find her in the dark or she acts like extreme smelling salts when you find her stuffed into your face part way through the night. I guess you could say she is ripe or even smells like she has escaped from the pink elephant’s graveyard.

And it was Isabelle’s decision that Anxious had become a tad whiffy and she – like a bolt from the blue – asked if she could be washed so that, for a short while at least, she could be the sweetest smelling Anxious the pink elephant in all the land leaving her refreshed and ready for them both to conquer 2015 together.

photo - Copy (3)Clean or (mostly) dirty and stinky, it matters not as paraphrasing the beginning titles to that other pink pet, Bagpuss, Isabelle still loved her…

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